quinta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2013

Ainda bate!

O jogo de ontem foi de loucos! Confesso que começo a ficar viciado no "bate-bate coração"!

Por mais masoquista que isso seja, ganhar assim é uma emoção incrível!

Os nossos rapazes não se deram por vencidos e gostei muito de os ouvir falar no final do jogo pois todos deixaram bem claro qual é o objetivo!O jogo teve optimos momentos e momentos muitos maus por parte da nossa equipa mas fique acima de tudo muito feliz pela vitória!

Tinha decidido que, face ao preço dos bilhetes (que considero um roubo) não iria estar presente no jogo contra os franceses mas os nossos mudaram-me a vontade!

Lá estarei! Para ganhar!

Ficam as palavras dos nossos no final do jogo:

Nicolás Gaitán, Benfica midfielderIt was important to win, but both teams played with that in mind. Luckily Rodrigo gave us the three points in the closing minutes. We believe we can get to the next stage, even though we depend on others. We did well tonight and deserved to win. Being selected man of the match is secondary for me because we achieved our primary goal, which was to win.

Nemanja Matić, Benfica midfielderI scored but the most important thing was the win. Let's see what the last round of matches has in store for us, not only in our game but also in the match between Olympiacos and Anderlecht. The Belgian outfit are a good one and have the qualities to hurt Olympiacos and give us a little help.

Jorge Jesus, Benfica coach
It was an important and necessary victory. We didn't play that well, but the result was very good for us. Despite going 1-0 down, we scored at the right times and that helped us a lot in terms of the outcome. We now have to keep working hard to improve further and do better. My own ability to do that is also dependent on the number of injured players.
Thanks to PSG's victory over Olympiacos we still have an opportunity to progress in the Champions League. Right now, we are certain at least of playing in the Europa League next year. Where we end up will also depend on the Anderlecht-Olympiacos result on the final matchday.
Our goal is not completely achieved. We want to be in the Champions League above all – the Europa League is secondary. There is still hope. I would like to think that Anderlecht can draw or win in Greece, but the atmosphere over there will make things hard for them. Nevertheless, their defence can hold the Olympiacos attack.
But first we need to do our part, beating PSG. We endured difficult moments this evening, allowing Anderlecht to get stronger and score goals. I changed my substitution, introducing Rodrigo instead of Ivan Cavaleiro, because I knew his speed could surprise Anderlecht. Fortunately, things worked out well.
(Retirado do site da Uefa)

Para mim os dois melhores em campo! O lance do Gaitan no segundo golo é um hino!

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